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Free Debt Management Advice

Being in debt is an obligation resulting from the borrowing of money. It's certainly nothing to be ashamed of and it is inevitable that some of us will at some point, get into financial difficulties. The reasons are often due to a change in circumstances such as unemployment, illness or a breakdown in a relationship. Credit becomes debt when you can no longer meet the contractual payments without borrowing further. When realized, this is a shock and often people panic or simply hope the problem will go away.

Debt Help Advice

The first step, as many experts agree, is to recognize and admit there is a problem. Being in debt needs management of your finances to get back on track so find the correct program for you is essential. Banks consider customers to be in financial difficulty when a person's income is insufficient to meet reasonable living expenses and cover financial commitments such a mortgages and monthly bills. They cannot meet the minimum payments that are required.
Secondly, you must contact your creditors and let them know you are having difficulties. Work with you creditor and in the first instance, confirm exactly how much it is you owe. You must start to put together an action plan - if you let things drift and simply do nothing, you are likely to default and be blacklisted for future credit.
The good news is you can solve your debt problem. It might not be easy or quick but there is always a way. By their nature, debt needs to be looked at as a matter of urgency. They compound rapidly over time and can quickly spiral into trouble. The earlier to start to deal with the debt the easier they are to deal with.
Debt is not just a finance issue. It feeds into all elements of your life and the solutions are wide and varied. Whether it's simply cutting your interest costs, budgeting or challenging the legality of your debts.
Before making any move tackle your debt, you need to get an accurate idea of your income and out goings. A weekly or monthly personal financial statement should be complied if your out goings exceed your income:
  • It is essential that you review your expenditure and cut down on non-essential items and spending. Avoid cutting down too much on the basics such as food and energy bills. Remember that you do need enough to live on and not just to survive on.
  • Eliminate the high interest rate store cards and consolidate debts onto a lower rate card.
  • Be certain that you are getting all the benefits that you are entitled to. All reputable money advice agencies will do this and you should not have to pay for this advice.
  • Keep in communication with your creditors. Let them know what is happening with you financial situation and send them a copy of the financial statement making it clear how much you can afford to pay them.
You must make sure you prioritize your creditors and generally deal with the ones that affect your home first. Once you have dealt with the priority creditors, write to all you other creditors explaining your situation.
Before long you will slowly get out of debt for good - and be debt free for life.
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